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John's mountain dreams have taken him to many corners of the globe.  They include:


Everest, Nepal

Cho Oyu, Tibet

Broad Peak,  Pakistan

Muztagh Ata, Chinese Pamirs

Denali, Alaska

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Huascaran, Peru

Pisco, Peru

Elbrus, Russia

Rainier, United States

Whitney United States

Long's Peak  United States

Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador

Guagua Pichincha, Ecuador

Pasachoa, Ecuador

Pico de Orizaba, Mexico


Quillen's abiding love is the Southern Appalachians and Great Smoky Mountains where he is closing in on his second complete lap of all 900 miles of trail.  He recently completed the Appalachian Trail section from Georgia to Virginia and is regarded as an expert on offtrail routes known as "manways" about which he has written for several publications. Technical rock climbing throughout the Southeast or ice chasing in Alaska, the mountains are home.  Here he is seen playing on the Pump house in Vail, Colorado.


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