JOHN QUILLEN - Board President

John finished his first 900 miles the old- fashioned way, backpacking.  Having been to and stayed at most backcountry sites multiple times, he quickly confronted  the dishonesty pouring from Smokies management .  Since that time, it has been a labor of love to have this and other mistakes of park bureaucrats reversed and justice restored to park users.  John is also a trail volunteer for the park.


JIM CASADA - Executive Director

No one is more synonymous with fly fishing in the Smokies than North Carolina resident and retired professor, Dr. Jim Casada. Casada's book, Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park: An Insider's Guide to a Pursuit of Passion has long been considered the bible for Smokies anglers, and his work with the Smoky Mountain Field School underscores his lifelong love of the Park. As a noted outdoor writer with books too numerous to mention, Casada was first to call out the Sugarlands for their “solution in search of a problem.”  He is a direct descendent of original park inhabitants.  Jim's work to expose the hypocrisy of this absurd and unfair fee proposal continues on a daily basis.


GREG BOSTICK - Treasurer

Gregg is an active member of multiple non profit boards. He steers the SFW through the non-profit waters when not clicking off his own miles in the Smokies.  The amount of time he contributes to SFW on a weekly basis is untold.  If he were an hourly employee we couldn't afford him.   Those contributions are critical to the ongoing success of this movement.


ROB CAMERON - Secretary

To say that Rob has skin in this game doesn't tell half the story.   Both of his parents ashes were released back into the wild from the Cliff Tops of Mt. Leconte.  He objects to having to pay the federal government to visit their final resting place and rightly so.  Rob is within 100 miles of completing his last trail in the Smokies.  He works behind the scenes to keep our social media front active and vibrant.



Frank used to contribute to other Smokies non- profits when he realized they weren't doing the job of protecting backpacker rights in the park.  He is an expert negotiator, passionate outdoor enthusiast and middle Tennessean who makes more time to enjoy the true backcountry than most locals.


ADAM BEAL - Board member emeritus

If there is a better citizen of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, they would have a hard time going up against this Maryville native.  Countless volunteer hours for the park made him realize that his voice was not being heard by the Park management when this fee was proposed. He has since made it his mission to restore justice to all Smokies users.


Myers Morton-Board Member

Myers sees this overstepping from federal bureaucrats as tyranny and devotes his heart, soul and private practice to representing our legal case in federal court.  He is a lover of the park, East Tennesse native and aspiring 900 miler.

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