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Aconcagua-December 2019.

We summited America's highest peak this past January on the heels of our success on Kilimanjaro in June. It proved to be just in the nick of time. A powerful windstorm blew in the night we staggered back to high camp and nearly blew us off the mountain, ending any future summit attempts for many days. I'm fortunate to have ended up finishing those last two peaks before COVID.

Thankfully, our world is opening back up. Let's open your organization to the world. Tackling Mt. Vinson in Antarctica and Carstenz Pyramid in New Guinea will require significant financial resources. If you are interested in partnering with me on these final two projects, I would love to hear from you and discuss your organizations objectives.  Email me and let's talk. 

aconcagua climbing.jpg
summit from camera JPG.jpg
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